First blog post, like a first photo.

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my new Blog, ConfigMgr Everyday. This is officially the first Blog post, which seems to me to be a lot like the first picture taken on a camera. You take it out of the box, play around with the new features (and in my case the new lenses) and finally, you are ready to take the first picture. Hopefully it turns out.

The purpose of ConfigMgr Everyday is to document one person’s use of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr, or SCCM) to get every day, normal, maybe even boring, tasks done. There are many blogs out there that can tell you how to tweak this or that so that your task sequence will finish 10 seconds faster, or what the most exciting upcoming feature of the preview release of ConfigMgr. I love reading that stuff, but sometimes I just need to know how someone created collections determined by which ConfigMgr Client is installed on every machine in our environment. And you can be guaranteed I am going to copy and paste the SQL query if I find it. To steal a phrase from the past that is almost completely irrelevant in this day and age, “SQL is not my bag, baby.”

So the picture at the top of this page is the very first picture taken with my new Olympus Digital camera. It was an early Father’s Day present. After moving from a 10 year old DSLR, it’s like a night and day difference in using this new camera. The camera took a pretty good picture.

There, I am finished with my first blog post, and it’s time to unleash the blog to the world. Hopefully it turns out.


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