Where Have You Been?

There’s a great scene in the second Harry Potter movie after Ron, Fred and George Weasley return to the Burrow after rescuing Harry from Number 4 Privet Drive. In that scene Molly Weasley, their mother, yells at the three Weasley boys “where have you been?” The boys then fumble with all kinds of great excuses for why they left the house with the flying car.

So… that begs the question regarding this blog, where have I been?

It’s not super complicated. I ended up moving on from the company that I was working for in 2019, and got a great gig with a new employer. It is 100% work from home before it was cool!

 The funny thing is that I started writing blogs for them about using their software and I never really found the time to work on my own blogs. Then Covid came. Nothing really changed about my position, except that it got busier, and I had to write even more blogs. That meant that I neglected writing for myself even more.

But it’s time for a change. I’m coming back with some new content about ConfigMgr and life, and I’m even going to be linking to the blogs that I’ve been writing for my “new” employer. Don’t mind that I’ve been there for over two years at this point and can hardly consider them new… but here we are.

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